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Google My Business Listing

We create or clean up and improve your listing on Google My Business. A lot of the information Google gets about your business comes straight from this profile. We get your location verified, accurately detail every product and service you offer, business hours etc. Some people aren’t even going to your site, they just want the phone number.

HTML Structure – Meta, Title and Heading tags

Another fundamental, these HTML tags affect the text shown in search results and organize your website so Googlebot knows exactly what it’s looking at.

Google Webmaster Tools

Setup your Google Webmaster Tools account. This allows us to identify which keywords are getting searches, clicks and keyword ranking position. We can disavow bad links, change the indexing of current pages and find out how Google views your webpages.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Similar to Google’s Webmaster Tools, though not as big as Google, Bing gets a failry large chunk of search volume also which will provide us with even more data, and more opportunities to optimize your website.

In-Depth Service Pages

Search engines wants high ranking results to have the best user experience possible. When a potential customer gets to your website or landing page, they need to be provided with all the information and answers to their questions they desired when they made that search. Descriptions, pictures, FAQ’s, testimonials, etc all make for a better user experience.

Service Area Pages

Build specific pages for different service areas you operate in. Copy & paste pages, or a list of towns at the bottom of your home page isn’t what we’re going for.

Mobile User Experience

Your website needs to mobile friendly. Not just for rankings, but for your users also. If it functions great on desktop but isn’t optimized for smaller screens, your rankings are going to suffer as a consequence. If people can’t navigate your website correctly on their phones, they’re going to press the back button and click on someone else’s site.

Website Loading Speed

The size and types of images, how your site is cached, whether or not you’re using a CDN, getting this fine tuned can provide a boost in rankings. No one wants to click on a link, only to be stuck waiting for the page to load. Since this is a user experience factor, you can be sure it’s a ranking factor as well.

SSL Installation

Another trust factor. Having an SSL certificate has been proven to affect rankings. It provides an encrypted connection between the user and your website. Chrome now actually labels your site as insecure if you’re not using HTTPS, and if you’re collecting any payment information, this is an absolute must have.

Keyword Analysis

We find each and every keyword that people are using to find your product and optimize your website based on your most important keywords. Our analysis even will dig up search terms that you didn’t know people were using.

Competitor Analysis

We find each method they’re using so we can beat them at every level. What keywords they’re targeting, the quality of their content, and even how much they’re spending on ads and which keywords are profitable for them.

On site link structure

How your website is interlinked and the anchor text of those links tells Google AND users what those pages are about and why those specific pages are what they’re looking for.

Citation Building and Clean-up

There are hundreds of directory and review sites like Yelp or Yellow Pages. If you’ve already had your website online for a few years, you’re already on these sites, even if you never asked to be. Do a Google search with your businesses name in quotes if you want to see them. 100% accuracy and consistency across all of these listings is another ranking factor and properly setting up the important ones like Yelp could even bring you new customers.

“Trust” Pages

Legitimate websites have pages like “About Us”, “Privacy Policy”, “Terms of Service” and a Contact page. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are boring and no one will ever read them, but they’re required when you’re running any ads to your website (which most legitimate businesses are). This provides another trust factor to Google, proving that you’re serious about your business.

Backlink Analysis

We find every external backlink pointing to your competitors websites and find out why those links are there and how we can get the same ones pointing to your site. This often uncovers opportunities not just for links, but community events that are giving exposure to other businesses in your area.

Off page Link Building

This one is huge. Which websites are linking out to yours is a major trust signal that every search engine uses. People used to try to trick Google by spamming backlinks from every source they possibly could. This is why the QUALITY of those links are what’s now important, and getting backlinks from bad sources will actually lower your site’s rankings.

Image Tags

Search engines use algorithms, not people to figure out what your website is about. Algorithms don’t have eyes to look at your images. They use other details such as the file name, alt tags and placement to figure out what’s going on. Not only that, but people search for images as well.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Just having your website show up in search results doesn’t mean people want to click on your link. Optimizing for CTR with a proper title tag and meta description is important for sending customers to your website. This one’s a win-win. More people clicking your site actually proves your relevance also, which itself is another factor.

Content Quality

This will vary depending on the type of business, it could be image quality, recent work examples and portfolios, written content length and readability, product descriptions and so on. Having better quality content is better for both you and the user, and search engines will reward you for it.

Reviews and Reputation Management

Local Business Reviews can boost SEO. This doesn’t just apply to your Google listing. Having positive reviews on Facebook, Yelp and others are another big clue about whether or not your business is a good result for the user to find. Creative ways to encourage your customers to write an honest review benefits both your businesses reputation and your SEO.

Schema Markup and Sitemap markup provides easy to understand information about your business’s location, hours, and other info to bots crawling your site. The sitemap is just that, a map of your website for bots to follow, making sure they’re able to find everything they need.

Reporting & Analytics

Measuring your progress and performance lets us adapt, adjust, and implement changes as we need to. SEO isn’t a “set it and forget it” process, the algorithms are constantly being updated and your competition may be progressing also. You’ll stay updated with monthly reporting.

Penalty & Manual Action Removal

If you bought one of those $5 SEO packages, or hired someone who did bad SEO on your site, you may have ended up getting hit with a manual action or penalty. When this happens we have to figure out exactly what caused the problem, fix it, or manually disavow every bad link to your site then send a reconsideration request to Google, then wait. Your best bet is to stick with a professional agency from the start and never have this problem, ever.

Multiple Business Locations

If you have multiple locations, each one needs it’s own SEO effort. We’ll include all of your location information on the home page, then build specific pages for each location. This is better than having separate websites since you’ll preserve your overall Domain Authority.

This is going to vary depending on the type of business you’re in, your competition and the existing state of your website.

Our analysis is free, just send a message with some basic info and we’ll discuss the pricing that’s right for your business.

This varies based on competition, location, age of your website, your hidden “trust” score, changes to Google’s algorithm, etc.

Some changes will have an effect instantly and with others you’ll see the effects gradually over the next 3-24 months.

This service isn’t going to give you immediate results. If you want results asap – within the first week, check out our Search Engine Marketing service, which also includes SEO.

No one can honestly guarantee a certain result in a certain time in this industry, however you can cancel any time. Remember, search engine algorithms are closed source. You and I don’t have access to the code that dictates where and how your website ranks. And these algorithms are constantly being updated.

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