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Grow your business with leads from your website and Google. Results within the first month.

Results - starting within the first month

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As soon as your website is on our servers we can deploy ads right away. Your website will be performing immediately through Google Ads, then ramp up as our SEO work takes effect over the coming months.

Steady supply of phone calls

How many phone calls are you getting from your website? Sometimes a customer clicks to call even before landing on your site. We’ll keep the phone ringing for you, and if we don’t, you can cancel our services whenever you want because we don’t lock you in with a contract.

Google Ads Results for Restoration Marketing
Overview of Google Ads Dec 2019 - June 2022

This screenshot above is an example of phone calls just from Google Ads. This doesn’t include calls from customers who found this website through organic search results.

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Crystal Clean Landscaping

Built a brand new WordPress website for Bill at Crystal Clean Landscaping & Lawncare.

The old website on Wix had no logo, no call-to-action and no way for customers to send a message and had terrible rankings on Google.

The new website is user friendly with a lead form and mobile call button that convert new leads daily.

This website ranks #1 both organically for his main keywords and paid search.

review from Crystal Clean Landscaping

#1 position on Google

When we started in January 2019, Crystal Clean was ranked on page 4 of Google.

By June 2019 – less than 6 months, Crystal Clean now ranks on page 1 for almost every keyword.

#1 Google Ads position

We’re getting the #1 position for all of our keywords. Not by paying more, but with precise targeting, bidding and optimization.

Leads come in through the website contact forms, more come in through phone calls.

Lightning fast servers

Extremely fast loading speed and a 99.99%+ uptime, your customers will never hit the back button out of frustration when landing on your website. 

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Secure against hacking

Your website is protected from hacking, malware and DDOS attacks.

Dedicated Servers

Our own servers. We don't share our resources or IP address with other sites.

Routine backups

Daily, off-site automated backups.

Local servers

Your website is served from a geographic location close to your target area.

A service that pays for itself many times over

No contracts, cancel anytime. One low monthly fee. For any ads that we run, you pay your own advertising fees directly to Google.

To get started or if you would like more info, feel free to send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.